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Dr. Abdallah Sofiane Berrouk
Associate Professor

Bu Hasa Building, Room 2-210
Office: +971 2 607 5408
Fax: +971 2 607 5200
Email: aberrouk@pi.ac.ae



Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK (2003-2007)
M.S. Hydrocarbon Enterprise, Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, UK (2002–2003)
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Boumerdes, Boumerdes, Algeria (1990–1995)


Dr Berrouk was awarded a PhD degree from The University of Manchester (UK) in the area of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and turbulence modeling with particular emphasis on Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent multiphase flows. He holds several master degrees: Master of Engineering in Energetics, Master of Research in Solid Mechanics and Master of Science in Oil and Gas Management.

He has eight years of university lecturing experience; six of them are postdoctoral.  He taught different courses in different departments both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  He has supervised four Masters students and two Post-Doctoral Fellows.

His domain of expertise covered: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large Eddy Simulation, stochastic Modeling for Particle-laden Turbulent Flows, and Computational Flow Modeling for Chemical Reactor Engineering. He recently developed expertise towards sour gas sweetening, heavy oil processing and waste plastic gasification technologies. He is the leader of three industrial projects and co-principal investigator of other three industrial projects.

During his academic career, He has published two books, three book chapters and more than 70 papers on his ongoing research work in peer-reviewed international journals, industrial magazines, and conference proceedings.

He is recipient of many awards:  Algerian Government Award (2001), Worldwide University Network Award (2005), Manchester Science Enterprise (2006), ADNOC R&D Bright Finding & Integration Research Pen Award for outstanding deliverables researchers (2013), and ADNOC R&D General Management Committee Award for outstanding technical support (2013).  Dr Berrouk is a reviewer for different scientific journals and editorial board member for the American Journal of Fluid Dynamics.


Aug 2014–present Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
 Aug 2009–Jul 2014 Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Oct 2008–Jul 2009 Research Associate
Department of Chemical Engineering
The Petroleum Institute, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Jan 2008–Aug 2008 Senior Research Associate
Building and Construction Department
City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Turbulence modeling
  • Multiphase flows
  • Process simulation, optimization and modelling
  • Chemical reaction engineering


Project Title: Optimization of Acid Gas Recovery Units Using Process Simulations  
Funding Agency: Gas Research Centre
Collaborator(s): None
Project Title: Numerical Simulation of Hydrate Formation and Transport in Natural Gas Pipelines
Funding Agency: RIFP (Research Initiation Funds. Petroleum Institute)
Collaborator(s): None


Articles in Refereed Journals

  1. R. Adewale, Dalia J. Salem, A. S. Berrouk, D. Satyadileep. “Simulation of Hydrogen Production from Thermal Decomposition of Hydrogen Sulfide in Sulfur Recovery Units”,Journal of Cleaner Production Vol. 112(5), January 2016, pp. 4815-4825
  2. Z.Y. Yu, C.L. Wu, A. S. Berrouk, K. Nandakumar. “Discrete particle modelling of granular Rayleigh-Taylor instability”, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, Vol. 77, December 2015, pp. 260-270
  3. M. T. Mota Martinez, S. Samdani, A. S. Berrouk, M. A. A. Rocha, E. Y. Alhseinat, F. Banat, M. C. Kroon, C. J. Peters. “Design and Test of a New High Pressure Phase Equilibrium Apparatus for Highly Corrosive mixtures of importance for Natural Gas”, Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering Vol. 27(2), November 2015, pp. 661-665
  4. R. Adewale, A. S. Berrouk,  D. Satyadileep. “A Process Simulation Study of Hydrogen and Sulfur Production from Hydrogen Sulfide using the Fe-Cl hybrid Process”, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vol. 54, September 2015, pp. 20-27
  5. M. Althuluth, J. P. Overbeek, H. J. van Wees, L. F. Zubeir, W. G. Haije, A. S. Berrouk, M. Kroon, C. J Peters, "Natural Gas Purification Using Supported Ionic Liquid Membrane " Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 484,  pp. 80-86, 2015 .
  6. D. Satyadileep, A. S. Berrouk, "Effect of residence time on selective H2S absorption on MDEA systems," International Journal of Process Systems Engineering, vol. 2(3), pp. 260-272, 2014.
  7. Y. Du, Q. Yang, A. S. Berrouk, C. Yang, A. Al Shoaibi, "An Equivalent Reactor Network model for simulating the air gasification of polyethylene in a Spouted Bed Gasifier," Energy & Fuels, vol. 28(11),  pp. 6830-6840, 2014.
  8. A. S.  Berrouk, Richard Ochieng, "Improved Performance of the Natural-Gas-Sweetening Benfield-HiPure Process Using Process Simulation," Fuel Processing Technology, vol. 127, pp. 20-25, 2014.
  9. C. L. Wu,  O. PH. Ayeni, A. S. Berrouk, K. Nandakumar, "Parallel Algorithm of CFD-DEM Coupling Model for Large Scale Dense Particulate Flows," Chemical Engineering Science, vol. 118, pp. 221-244, 2014.
  10. W. A. Fouad, A. S. Berrouk, "Phase Behaviour of Sour Natural Gas Systems Using Classical and Statistical Thermodynamic Equations of States," Fluid Phase Equilibria, vol. 356, pp. 136-145, 2013.


  1. A. S. Berrouk, “Stochastic Lagrangian modelling for large eddy simulation of turbulent dilute two-phase flows” Bentham Publisher, ISBN: 978-1-60805-377-3, 2011.
  2. Y. Kahil, D. Laurence, and A. S. Berrouk, “Depot d’aerosols dans les conduites coudees a 90: Suivi de particules dans un ecoulement turbulent avec approache Lagrangienne,” Editions Universitaires Europeennes, ISBN: 978-613-1-52359-5, 2010.

Book chapters

  1. C.L. Wu, and A. S. Berrouk, “Discrete Particle Model for Dense Gas-solid Flows”, in Advances in Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer, Bentham Science Publishers Vol. 3, Editors: Lixin Cheng and Dieter Mewes, 2012.
  2. C.L. Wu, and A. S. Berrouk, “Particle Collision Handling for Hard-Sphere Discretre Particle Model”, in Powder Engineering: Technology and Application Vol. 1, NOVA Science Publishers, Editor: Jason Barker, 2010.
  3. A. S. Berrouk, D. Laurence, J. J. Riley, D. E. Stock, “Stochastic modelling of fluid velocity seen by heavy particles for two-phase LES of non-homogeneous and anisotropic turbulent flows”, in Particle-Laden Flow: From Geophysical to Kolmogorov Scales Vol. 11, SPRINGER Publishers, Editors: B. Geurts, H. Clercx, W. Uijttewaal, 2007.

Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

  1. S. Dara, A. S. Berrouk, " Process simulation-based optimization of a commercial amine gas sweetening unit," in The 2nd World Congress on Petrochemistry and Chemical Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.,  2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnD4GT5ir0A
  2. Priyanka Thampi, Abdallah S. Berrouk, " Numerical simulation of a real scale FCC Regenerator using Computational Particle-Fluid Dynamics (CPFD)," in The 7th World Congress on Particle technology,  Beijing, China PR., 2014.
  3. A. S. Berrouk, C.L. Wu, "Parallel CFD/DPM calculations for dense particulate systems," in 6th International Granulation Conference, Sheffield, UK, 2013.
  4. W. A. Fouad, A. S. Berrouk, " Phase Equilibria of Sour Natural Gas Systems: A Molecular Approach," in 9th European Congress of Chemical Engineering, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2013.
  5. H. Zhao, A. S. Berrouk, R. Hu, C. Yang, " Coupled Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Analysis of a firebox of a Crude Distillation Unit," in International Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow, Budapest, Hungary, 2012.

Invited Seminars & Conference Presentations / Posters

  1. D. Satyadileep, A. S. Berrouk, A. A. Aziz. “Amine-sweetening Units' Efficiency Improvement Based on a Fine Tuned Acid-gas-stripping Chemistry , presented at  98th Canadian Chemistry Society Conference and Exhibition, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 2015
  2. A. S. Berrouk, "Accidental Oil Spill Modelling," presented at the International Oil & Gas Summit: Continental and Arctic Shelves, Dubai, UAE, 2015.
  3. D. Satyadileep, and A. S. Berrouk, "Effects of Residence Time on Selective Absorption of Hydrogen Sulphide," presented at the XIII International Conference on Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Paris, France, 2015
  4. A. S. Berrouk, " Empowering Chemical Process Industry with a Cutting Edge Simulation Technology: Computational Fluid Dynamics," presented at 3rd Global O&G Training & Simulation Forum, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, 2015.
  5. A. S. Berrouk, "Multi-scale modelling of dense particulate systems," presented at 2nd Annual TAKREER-Idemitsu-Kosan Technical Workshop, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., 2013.


  Mr. Dara Satyadileep Research Lab Engineer
  Mr. Peng Jiang MS Student
  Mr. Ashwin Murali MS Student
  Mr. Sulaiman Adegunju MS Student


  • ADNOC R&D Book of Wisdom Award– Completed research Project Members. 2014
  • ADNOC R&D Science Lantern Faculty Award – Faculties who worked or supported ADNOC R&D Projects. 2014
  • ADNOC R&D Bright Finding & Integration Research Pen Award – Outstanding Deliverables researchers. 2013
  • ADNOC R&D General Management Committee Award – Outstanding Technical Support. 2013 & 2014
  • Worldwide University Network (WUN) Award- Best University Collaboration Proposal. 2005