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College of Arts and Sciences - Communication

Communication Courses


Engineers in the twenty-first century are required to be creative and critical professionals who can articulate appropriate solutions to a variety of engineering problems. The Communication Department offers two English-medium courses (COMM 101 and COMM 151) which aim to meet the objectives of producing well rounded, autonomous life-long learners who are able to use higher order thinking and communication skills required by such professionals.

Communication 101 (COMM 101)
Communication 101 (COMM 101) is designed to introduce students to the language and communication skills that are required for undergraduate study. Critical reading, critical writing and oral presentation skills are developed through a context of humanities and social science research projects which also aim to raise student awareness of quality time management skills and meta-cognition.

Pre-requisites: TOEFL ≥500
Co-requisites: None
Restrictions: None
Lecture/Lab/Credit: 4:0:4

Communication 151 (COMM 151)
Communication 151 develops and builds on skills learned in the 101 course and focuses on the application of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are required to undertake a “real-world” academic, educational or technical project. Academic literacy, teamwork skills, project planning and time management skills are developed as students participate in seminars and work in teams to gather and share information, leading to individual graded assignments, extensive team-written project reports and multi-media, oral research presentations.

Prerequisite: COMM 101 or ENGL 101
Corequisite: None
Restrictions: None
Lecture/Lab/Credit: 4:0:4

Technical and Scientific Writing (COMM 501)
The Communication department also offers a post-graduate support course (COMM 501) in Technical and Scientific Writing. This course imparts the essential knowledge and skills of academic, technical and scientific writing. It includes an examination of academic articles in Engineering and Applied Science and drafting practice in a variety of required genres such as proposal drafting.