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Arts & Sciences Program




Arts & Sciences Curriculum


  CHEM 060 Introduction to Chemical Principles  
    060L Introduction to Chemical Principles Lab  
    101 General Chemistry I  
    101L General Chemistry I Lab  
    102 General Chemistry II  
    102L General Chemistry II Lab  
    211 Organic Chemistry I  
    211L Organic Chemistry I Lab  
    212 Organic Chemistry II  
    212L Organic Chemistry II Lab  
    301 Physical Chemistry  
    301L Physical Chemistry Lab  
    293/393/493 Special Topics in Chemistry  
  COMM 101 Communication I  
    151 Communication II  
  Freshman Seminar
  FRSS 103 Freshman Seminar  
  Humanities and Social Sciences
  H&SS 121 German Language I  
  171 German Language II  
  201 The West in the Middle East  
    221 Introduction to Political Science  
    251 Principles of Economics  
    222 The UAE Before and Since the Discovery of Oil  
    311 Leadership  
    351 World Petroleum Markets  
    375 The Economics of Money, Banking, and Finance  
  Islamic Studies
  ISLM 111 Islamic Studies  
    161 Topics in Islamic Studies  
MATH 060 College Mathematics  
  111 Calculus I  
  161 Calculus II  
  212 Calculus III  
  241 Probability and Statistics  
  261 Differential Equations  
  361 Advanced Engineering Mathematics  
  365 Numerical Methods  
  371 Operations Research for Engineers  
  461  Linear Algebra  
  565 Numerical Linear Algebra  
  575 Mathematical Modeling in Engineering  
PHYS 191 Physics I - Mechanics  
  191L Physics I - Mechanics Lab  
    241 Physics II - Electromagnetism and Optics  
  241L Physics II - Electromagnetism and Optics Lab  
  341  Physics III – Modern Physics with Applications  
General Studies
STP 201 Engineering Practices I  
  201L Engineering Practices I Lab  
  251 Engineering Practices II