About Community Outreach Office

The Community Outreach Office (CO) was established in 2014 to liaise outreach activities within PI and between The PI and the community at large. The office offers several services such as:

  • Assists in developing and creating outreach programs and proposals
  • Helps to identify potential community and campus partners to work with
  • Facilitates information and resource sharing among all of the Institute outreach programs
  • Provides a mechanism to involve PI participation in a number of local and international outreach programs

Visibility and outreach has been outlined as one of PI’s strategic plan (2013 – 2018) pillars, thus the PI is Committed to engage with the local and international community in many areas of interest such as: public Lectures, researches, academic and non-academic events and voluntary activities. The CO office plans to Develop a dynamic relationship, between PI and the community, which will allow student, staff and faculty to engage with the community through different and effective events and activities. This should allow the PI to be a recognized as a positive contributor to the community.