PI Students 

The PI has partnered with renowned engineering schools at top international universities, where PI students have the opportunity of studying for a semester.


In order to qualify for the program students must meet these criteria:

  • UAE National
  • Sophomore standing at time of application
  • GPA of 3.3 or above

Application Procedure

If you meet the criteria above and would like to apply to the program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the Guardian Consent Form (you can find it on the intranet under student forms).

  2. Request a recommendation letter from a faculty member and submit it to the Student Exchange Office.

  3. Meet with the Student Exchange Officer for an overview of the application process.

  4. Meet with your academic advisor to select the courses to be taken at the host university, to fill out the Student Transient form, and identify an appropriate faculty advisor at the potential host institution [see link to equivalent courses here (on-campus access)]

  5. Submit an online application along with all the required documents by the deadline specified on the website. The documents include: 

    1. Passport Copy

    2. TOEFL/IELTS results

    3. Health History Form

    4. Transient Student Form

  6. After submitting your documents, SEO will invite you for an interview. Make sure you prepare by reading about the university which you are applying to and about the host country’s culture and laws.

  7. After receiving a confirmation of a successful interview, students must complete the Host University application and gather all required documents. Our office will check that your documents are complete before we send them over to the host university. You are advised to start this ahead of time so you are aware of the various documents needed and have enough time to collect them.

Application (for PI Student) 

Application for Student Exchange Program (on-campus access)

Exchange Partners

  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Lehigh University
  • University of Maryland
  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Acceptance into the Program

After we receive confirmation from the host university that you have been successfully accepted to the program, there are several steps to take:

  • Sign and send your acceptance offer.

  • Apply for the visa. The SEO will provide you with the necessary financial guarantee letters, but you are responsible for making an appointment and submitting your visa application and following up. We are always here to provide assistance and advice so don’t hesitate to visit or call us.

  • Attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation which will provide very important information on various topics related to your semester abroad, including finances, travel trips, host country culture and laws and many more. If you do not attend the assigned orientation, you will be denied travel and your airfare and contract will be cancelled.

  • Read the Study Abroad Guide posted on the Resources section as well as useful websites provided.

While You Are Abroad

Keep in Touch

Upon arrival at the host university, students must send the following documents via email to the SEO at PI:

  • Copy of arrival immigration stamp
  • Official class registration/class schedule
  • Mailing address/housing contract
  • Telephone number

Always keep in touch with your family, friends, professors and the student exchange office.
Record Your Experience

You will encounter some unique people and situations during your semester abroad, make sure you take plenty of photos, keep a journal or publish a blog so these memories are kept forever and shared with prospect students.

Before Returning

Before you’re ready to pack and return home, make sure you request the Original Transcripts and bring them along with you when you report back at PI to ensure the transfer of your credits.

Read the Study Abroad Guide on tips about PI course registration, housing, packing and more.

Useful Resources to Read

Language & Culture

No matter how good your English level is, there will be times when you don’t understand something because of slang, accent or a cultural difference. We recommend that you prepare a bit before going abroad so you have an idea what to expect.

BBC’s Learning English website is a great source for students, especially that you can listen to their podcasts and programs and download them on your smart phone for free!

Click the titles below for the links

The English We Speak                         6 Minutes English

Country Specific Resources

Country Handbook- by International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) 
Studying in the USA- Immigration Matters 
Studying in Korea

Health & Safety

Country-Specific Health Issues

Resources for Travelers with Disabilities 

Dealing with Stress


Cultural Adjustment & Preparation




Luggage and Travel guidelines: 

Banned Items to bring back to the UAE:

PI Publications and Policies

Study Abroad Guide (e-brochure)
Student Exchange Policy (on-campus access)
Transfer and Non-Traditional Credit Policy (on-campus access)
Guardian Consent Form (on-campus access) 
Health History Form (on-campus access)