The Graduate School was established in 2011 with the mission to manage and direct Graduate Studies at the PI in order to provide quality services that contribute to PI's strategic objectives.

Type of Fellowships

The PI offers financial support for highly qualified graduate students:

Graduate Research /Teaching Assistantship (GR/TA)

The Graduate Research /Teaching Assistantship is offered to the students who are successfully admitted to the Graduate School in full-time Master of Science or Ph.D. programs.

Benefits: This fellowship includes tuition waiver, competitive stipend, on-campus room and board, medical insurance, economy class air ticket, and financial support to present research results at international conferences.

Fellowship Graduate Research /Teaching Assistantship (FGR/TA)

The Fellowship Graduate Research /Teaching Assistantship (FGR/TA) is awarded to Graduate Research /Teaching Assistant(s) who have maintained GPA 3.5 or above during their first year of Master of Science Program. A GPA of 3.5 or above is required to maintain the FGRTA.

Benefits: This fellowship includes tuition waiver, competitive stipend with fellowship allowance, on-campus room and board, and medical insurance.

ADNOC Fellowship PI Master Program (4+1)

The ADNOC Fellowship PI Master Program allows exceptional PI undergraduate students to take up to six credit hours of graduate courses during their senior year so that they can complete their master degree within a year from completion of their BSc degree.

Benefits: Under this fellowship, students will receive an attractive salary- comparable to the salary paid to their junior engineers employed by ADNOC and its operating companies- tuition waiver, on-campus room and board, and medical insurance from ADNOC.

Visiting Graduate Research/Teaching Assistantship (VGR/TA)/Graduate Internship

The Visiting Graduate Research/Teaching Assistants/Graduate interns are Master/PhD students from highly reputable international Universities. They are admitted at PI to work on specific research projects of immediate interest to PI's industrial sponsors.

Benefits: This type of Fellowship includes monthly stipend (depending on the level of student Master/PhD and funds availability for the specific project), on campus room and board, medical insurance and economy class return air ticket.

PI Partial Assistantship for Part time students

PI Partial Assistantship (a discount of up to 50% of the regular tuition) can be provided to the part time students who meet the following requirements:

1. Full admission to their respective programs
2. A minimum of 3.0 GPA from a reputable BSc engineering program in their respective field