Meal Plan

PI is introducing a new way for students to pay for meals

Instead of printed vouchers, students will now pay for food at the canteens using their new PI ID smart cards

Adding money to your PI ID smart card for meals:

  1. Add money to your meal account with a credit card online*

  2. When you get to PI you can use the ATM machines outside the canteens.

What’s changed:

  1. Students pay for meals by semester, not by meal.

  2. Students can either use cash or their new PI ID smart cards to pay for meals.

  3. Paying for meals with the PI ID smart card entitles the student to a significant subsidy; paying with cash does not.

  4. For ONE every dirham a student spends to charge their PI ID card, PI will add ONE.  For example, if a student adds AED 500 to their PI ID smart card, PI will contribute AED 1000, for a total of AED 1500. 

  5. The maximum amount that PI will contribute for meals per semester is AED 4000.

  6. A full buffet meal at the canteen is generally AED 18, however see the canteen for prices.

  7. Students can pay for ala cart items from the canteen with the PI ID smart card.

  8. Students are free to use their card for meals as often as they want.

  9. Students are responsible for budgeting their resources over the semester.

  10. Students are responsible for lost or stolen cards.  If a card is missing, it must be reported right away.

*Note:  PI student ID cards will be used for meals  AND for dorm room access.

If you have not picked up your student ID card and you like eating and prefer sleeping in a bed, we suggest you pick up your cards soon!

*The web links to access online modules are:

   • Off campus
   • On campus