​Resarch Projects (GRC)

GRC-11001: Advanced Chemistry Laboratory and Materials Laboratory

GRC-11002: Black Powder in Gas Flowlines

GRC-11003: BTX Removal in the Sulfur Recovery Process using Adsorption

GRC-11004: Corrosion Monitoring Tool for Corrosion under Heat Insulation

GRC-11005: SESHAC Particle Coatings for Pipes and Storage Tanks

GRC-11006: Solvent Foaming Study

GRC-11007: Corrosion Modelling for Best & Worst Contaminants

GRC-11008: Handling of high H2S, CO2 and unconventional contaminants concentrations

GRC-11009: Ionic Liquids for CO2 Separation

GRC-11010: N2 Removal from natural Gas (NG)

GRC-15001: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

GRC-15002: Activity and Deterioration of Zeolites when used in Natural Gas Drying

GRC-15003: Condition Monitoring System for Smart inspection of Pipelines

GRC-15004: Destruction of BTEX contaminants in the Claus Furnace by Sulfur oxides species

GRC-15005: EMSR systems for removal of HSS salts from Amines

GRC-16001: Hybrid CO2 Nature

GRC-16002: Membrane and Adsorption-Based Gas Separation under Magnetic Field

GRC-16003: Steady and Dynamic Simulation and Optimization of Habshan NGL Plants

GRC-17001: Integrated approach to optimize low pressure CO2 capture processes for Enhanced Oil Recovery 

GRC-17002: Cathodic Protection Testing Site – Enhancement  Work and Research Projects