​The Gas Processing & Materials Science Research Centre (GRC)

The establishment of a Gas Processing and material Science Research Centre (the “GRC”) was officially launched at the Petroleum Institute in December 2010. The Centre is the outcome of an R&D agreement entered into by GASCO, ADNOC, Shell Abu Dhabi B.V., Total S.A. and Partex Gas Corporation. The GRC is owned by, and form part of, the Petroleum Institute. Funding for the development of the GRC is partly done through cash contributions of US$100 million by the three International Shareholders (ISH) Shell, Total and Partex over the term of the GASCO concession.


Develop, build and strengthen the petroleum Institute’s Applied Research Capabilities and GASCO’s Technology Know-How to address current and emerging gas challenges and promote the safe and efficient operation of GASCO.


Make the GRC a fully operational “Centre of Excellence” within the ADNOC PI Research Centre (ADRIC) by:

  • Providing leading technology/research solutions through deployment of applied research & technology
  • Leveraging the experience and technology know-how of the International Share Holders and partners (Shell , Total and Partex)
  • Developing the Petroleum Institute Research and Technical Service capabilities in Gas
  • Focusing on career development of national faculty and researchers 
  • Attracting distinguished professors and world class researchers & students to PI

The prioritized strategic themes and focus areas include: 

  • Gas processing and gas treating
  • Materials science and corrosion
  • Advanced dynamic process simulation & control
  • Energy efficiency and environmental technology