Research Support

Faculty are responsib
le for developing specific research projects and groups, as well as obtaining research funding. Research funding opportunities exist through a variety of channels including:

  1. Established Research Funding Program (ERFP)
  2. Individual OPCO-Specific funding
  3. The Gas Research Center (a funded research center)
  4. ADNOC R&D Challenges Program
  5. Start-up Funds for New Faculty
  6. Research Initiation Fund Program (RIFP) for all faculty

PI is investing heavily in human and physical research infrastructure. To support research management at PI the R&D organization been divided into 3 main areas:

  • The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) which provides support, information and guidance to faculty related to obtaining and managing funded research projects.
  • The Operation and Development Office (O&D) which is in charge of the daily operation of the ADRIC.
  • The Research Engagement Office (REO) which facilitates research between faculty from various disciplines.