Library and Academic Support

The PI houses two libraries, with an extensive collection of books, journals and periodicals. In addition, our libraries provide access to more than 40 online databases on- and off-campus such as EBSCOhost, OnePetro and Science Direct. Services include:

  • Professional librarians to assist students with academic work.
  • Computers, printers, photocopies and scanners.
  • Group study rooms for group work.
  • Wireless internet.

Independent Learning Center

The Independent Learning Center (ILC) is a facility designed to help students with self-study. Its purpose is to encourage students to become better independent learners. The ILC has trained staff who can give support to students.

Academic Intervention and Mentoring Program

AIM brings together faculty, advisors, counselors and Student Affairs staff to determine how to best to help students with the many academic support options that are available in the ILC.